The Orphan Maker's sin

The Orphan Maker’s Sin

Fifteen years have passed since a car bomb blew up seven-year-old Ella’s father, a colonel in the Air Force. One minute her daddy was there. The next? He disappeared, leaving only a charred shell of a vehicle and a burnt hubcap clacking down a Turkish street. Gone. As if he never existed at all. 

The percussion of her father’s violent death still ricochets in the present. Ella yearns for healing and peace from the emotional shrapnel embedded in her heart. Drawn back to Turkey—a place she swore she left behind—Ella seeks to solve the mystery of who killed her father—and why.

When she meets Murat, a handsome Turkish man, she almost hopes for a new beginning—until she discovers family secrets that torture Murat and shake Ella to her core. Will the war in her soul close her heart to receive or give love—or forgiveness?

Ella faces two choices. Stay anchored to a bitter past or seek a new ending. Can Ella move past old wounds? Or, is the damage too shattering, making healing impossible?

Holly, a military brat who never lived anyplace for very long, turned local after marrying her born and raised in Colorado husband. They enjoy homeschooling and trying to keep five kids alive. Culture shock was Holly’s childhood—moving from Taiwan to Norway to England to Turkey to Germany and back to Turkey. Holly established a love for travel, for different people, for outdoor cafes, and for castles sitting in the middle of an azure sea.

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